Public Service Announcement

Emergence: Psychedelic Education Festival

The psychedelic renaissance is upon us, join us for a day of learning and community!

October 1, 2022


Outdoors at ReelWorks, Denver

Denver's FIRST EVER Psychedelic Education Festival is aimed at inviting the broader Denver public into dialogue around psychedelics and reform through education and community. 


On October 1st, join the Nowak Society and the leading training, educational, research, practice, and advocacy groups and organizations in Colorado for a festive day of learning and exploration in the heart of Denver. Emergence provides a space where the broader Denver public can dialogue and engage with local professional organizations about the practice, research, policy and activism efforts surrounding psychedelic work, including proposed ballot initiatives ahead of November voting. 


Festival sponsors include:


  • MAPS

  • Naropa University, Center for Psychedelic Studies

  • Denver Spore Company

  • Vicente-Sederberg Law Firm

  • Psychedelics Today

  • Reflective Healing

  • Integrative Psychiatry Institute

  • Alternatives for Mental Health and Healing Lab, School of Social Work, CSU

  • Psychedelic Research and Training Institute

  • Maya Health



Emergence features educational booths hosted by national and local grassroots groups at the vanguard of the psychedelic movement. Learn about psychedelic-assisted therapies, plant medicines and research chemicals, current policy initiatives, ethics, equity and access, and ongoing research and advocacy efforts with interactive workshops throughout the day. Enjoy live DJs, food trucks, live painting, immersive experiences, and a vendors' market with a local flair. 


Most of all, show up to help us highlight in a very public way the strength of our organizations and communities to hold the integrity of psychedelic medicine work from the bottom-up!

Why Emergence?

Made illegal and cut off from research for decades, psychedelic clinical trials are rapidly emerging to tap into the knowledge base to be discovered in psychedelics and to legitimize the transformation of health and healing in a western context.


Pushed underground, plant medicines and other psychedelics used as part of ceremony, spirituality, traditional lineage, and alternative healing modalities are emerging aboveground once again as a challenge to legacies of colonialism, modern day capitalism, and the limitations of western medicalized approaches to mental health and distress.


Dominated by repressive drug policy for decades, psychedelic legislation and ballot initiatives  are emerging across the nation to reclaim the sovereignty of individuals over their own bodies and consciousness, and to right the wrongs of punitive policies that have caused harm to countless communities.


Colorado is emerging as a leader in the psychedelic movement nationally, and vibrant communities across Colorado have emerged to support a strong bottom-up community-held approach to what the future of psychedelic practice and policy could look like.


Let's keep Colorado on the leading edge of psychedelic medicine work, and give voice to the pressing issues and important values of the psychedelic movement! 


We need your help! Get your free or donation-based tickets here, let us know your interest in volunteering or having a presence at the event, and look out for more community-involved info and planning sessions coming soon!