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Upcoming Events

  • Psychedelic Professionals Social Hour: FORT COLLINS
    Mon, Dec 13
    Pour Brothers Community Tavern
    Dec 13, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
    Pour Brothers Community Tavern, 220 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA
    For psychedelic professionals, researchers, practitioners, activists, and interested others to learn, share, network, and connect in community. All are welcome to join us!

Past Events & Recordings

11/4/21     Ketamine-assisted therapy panel, with Dr. Sara Markey, Dr. Shoshana Aal, Dr. German Ascani, and Bri Bendixsen

9/2/21         "A Case Against Medicalization," with Dr. Shannon Hughes, Denver. Slides available here.

8/12/21       CSU-Nowak Research Team: Preliminary Findings from the Community Psilocybin Practitioner Interview Study

10/11/20     "Psychedelic Group Work: The Future of Psychedelic Therapy?," with Dr. Naveen Thomas and panel, Denver

9/20/20       "Overcoming Internalized Racial Oppression with LSD," with Dr. Ian Wickramasekera, Denver

8/9/20          Global Perspectives on the Psychedelic Renaissance, panel discussion in Denver

6/4/20          "Psychedelics by Prescription?: Access, Rights, & Advocacy," video [slides here] with Dr. Shannon Hughes

5/14/20        "Ketamine-assisted Therapy & Addictions" with Craig Salerno, LPC LAC

4/2/20        "Dismantling White Supremacy through Drug Policy Reform," with Karla Gonzales Garcia

2/6/20           "Ceremony, Myth, and Psychotherapy" with Cody Wiggs, Denver Psychedelic Professionals Meet

1/9/20           "Sacred Cacti from the Deserts and Jungles" with Max Montrose, Denver Psychedelic Professionals Meet

4/19/19       "The Future of Psychiatry & Virtual Reality" Bicycle Day Gathering at the Phil Lewis Studio & Gallery, Boulder

2/2/19           "What is Medicine? Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Psychedelics and Psychopharmaceuticals," Colorado                              Counseling Association Spring Conference, Denver

10/30/19         "What is Medicine: Navigating Psychopharmaceuticals and Psychedelics for Therapists and Professionals," Fall                           Community Speaker Series, Boulder, Link to live stream video recording 

9/20/19        "Bringing in the Future of Psychedelics," The State of Psychedelics, Denver 

8/20/19       "Transforming Care for End of Life: Psilocybin as Medicine" Free Community Information Session, Denver

6/19/19        "Transforming Care for End of Life: Psilocybin as Medicine" Free Community Information Session, Boulder

6/1/19          Michael Pollan talk and book signing, "How to Change your Mind"

3/15/19        Community Speaker Series: Psychosis & Ecology

11/1/18          CrazyWise viewing and discussion, Naropa University