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Let's Talk About Psychedelics - PSA Campaign

The psychedelic renaissance is upon us, let's talk about it!

The Nowak Society believes psychedelics hold immense potential for positively transforming our lives and the world we share. It is vital that grassroots communities lead the way in shaping the emerging conversation around psychedelics in a manner that is well-informed, ethical, and inclusive of diverse perspectives. It is upon all of us to be the paradigm pushers, integrity holders, and leaders that carry the movement forward. 


Our intention with this Public Service Announcement campaign is to dispel myths and encourage informed discussions about the use of psychoactive medicines. We additionally aim to give voice to perspectives that can get marginalized in certain framings of psychedelic use—for example, recognizing the value of recreational experiences and the wisdom of indigenous practices. In alignment with the Decriminalize Nature campaigns taking root across the U.S., our PSAs endorse the view that a socially just psychedelic movement must allow for individuals and communities to engage in their own healing and exploratory practices, alongside clinical and psychotherapeutic approaches.

Let's Talk About Psilocybin


"Let's Talk About Psilocybin" is the first in a series of community-supported PSAs that aims to educate the public about psychedelics through an open-minded, critical lens. In this PSA, we tested local Denver residents on their knowledge of psilocybin by asking some myth-busting questions. Who uses psilocybin? Is it safe to drive on psilocybin? What about its possible benefits? View below what members of the public had to say!

Download our myth-busting fact sheet on psilocybin. You have our advanced permission to use and share this fact sheet for any non-commercial purposes.


Inspired and Want to See More? Support this Campaign!

The "Let's Talk About Psilocybin" PSA was produced on a small budget of $1,000 with the help of a team of volunteers and professionals in media and marketing. These generous and passionate folks largely donated their time for the project. Future PSAs will explore other drugs and medicines, such as LSD, MDMA, ayahuasca, ketamine, and ibogaine. Together, we can normalize dialogue around psychedelics (and other drugs!) and bring new paradigms into public awareness!  


Please support this campaign and help create content that advocates for the informed, empowered use of psychedelics in our communities!

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