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Our Ethical Commitments

Statement of Values

The Nowak Society is committed to fostering environments, relationships, and community spaces that maintain a sense of integrity with our values. We resolve to create inclusive environments so that thoughtful and supportive interactions can take place between all participants. 



The greatest single indicator of a healthy ecosystem is diversity. We believe this extends to the communities we take part in and are committed to creating environments where a diversity of experiences, relationships, and points of view can thrive together. 



In order to facilitate a sense of connection and openness towards others, we seek to approach all people with a sense of honor for their unique life story, recognizing the unique gifts and perspectives they bring to the world. 



Acknowledging we are living through a particularly painful and confusing point in history, we endeavor to create a sense of belonging and kindness through our work. 


Awareness of Power & Privilege

Our history is the accumulation of institutions, processes, and forces that create systems—and imbalances—of power among communities of people. We seek to cultivate our understanding of this power, how we can best use it to create equity for all people and to then take action on that understanding. In the rush and excitement of a new and expanding field, we recognize that there is a pull towards agreement, enthusiasm, and ambition which can be motivated by self-interest alone. We seek to bring a critical voice to our own and otherwise perceived self-centered motivations, in order to foster an approach that engages all of our values and the best interests of as many as possible. 


Humility & Curiosity

We recognize that we are all imperfect humans capable of causing harm due to ignorance and implicit biases. As we work to envision and create equitable systems within the burgeoning field of psychedelics, it is essential to examine these obscured areas of awareness to minimize harms. We approach our work and relationships from a place of humility and curiosity, recognizing that there is always more to learn, especially from each other and our mistakes. 


Clear and Honest Communication

In order to embody our values,it is imperative that we are able to articulate ourselves as clearly and completely as possible. Without clear communication between all parties, we cannot ensure the integrity of our work and our relationships. 


Standards for Integrity and Responsibility


Nowak Society board members, volunteers, and educational speakers are expected to comply with standards for integrity, responsibility, and ethical practices. 

Nowak Society board members, volunteers, and educational speakers shall:

  • Behave in a manner that honors and aligns with our values

  • Support an environment that is inclusive, respectful, and compassionate to all people, regardless of sexual identity, gender identity, race or ethnicity, religion or spirituality

  • Practice clear, honest, and transparent communication  

  • Have awareness of the position of power that they hold as  individuals with a public platform, and bring humility to their privileged positions with regard to underrepresented voices 

  • Remain curious, especially when tensions arise, and avoid making assumptions  

  • Recognize and interrogate systems of oppression inherent in their identities and experiences, so that they can work to disrupt them both within ourselves and in the spaces they hold 

  • Maintain awareness of the unique needs of the gathered community, and self-monitor their behavior to be in alignment with our values and the integrity of the space they create

    • Stay cognizant of their own right relationship with substances and be actively engaged in managing that relationship in a way that allows them to be present and supportive of the larger community and organization

    • Take commitments to the organization seriously by balancing  their self-care and practicing discernment to know when they are unable to be present and supportive to the community or organization

  • Communicate in a timely manner regarding their commitments, timing, and any adjustments that need to be made

  • Act from a place of responsibility and integrity which recognizes that they are now representing a broader organization and mission, not just their own personal agenda

  • Have fun, ask questions, build relationships, and when in doubt about how to proceed consult with other members of the organization

Nowak Society board members, volunteers, and educational speakers shall not:

  • Engage in any forms of disruptive, discriminatory, harassing, or bullying behavior

  • Maliciously or recklessly injure or attempt to injure, whether directly or indirectly, the professional reputation of others

  • Engage in illegal business activities such as fraud, theft of property or funds, or deceptive advertising

  • Abuse positions of power by manipulating others for personal gain or engage in financial exploitation

  • Solicit for illegal substances or services at Nowak-sponsored or Nowak-hosted events

Volunteer affiliation with The Nowak Society does not imply professional status, nor does it constitute an endorsement of skills, services, or goods. Volunteers and educational speakers who fail to comply with the Standards for Integrity and Responsibility may have their affiliation with The Nowak Society terminated following a vote by the Board of Directors.

Colleagues and Community Relationships

We recognize we have a responsibility as an organization with a public platform and prominent voice on behalf of our local communities. Acknowledging this position of power,  we aim to protect the diverse interests and confidentiality of the communities we represent by addressing any conflicts or issues privately whenever appropriate.  

Within our community and collegial relationships, we are committed to the following ethical standards: 

  • We, as individuals and as a community, strive to hold each other accountable to our ethical commitments

  • With respect to our colleagues, we act in good faith, with respect, and do not speak poorly about other practitioners. We strive to “call in, not call out” in matters of dispute. 

  • We realize that we are not in a position to adjudicate disputes or allegations of harm that occur in the community. When we hear of a practitioner or facilitator that may have fallen out of integrity in the community through, including but not limited to, sexual misconduct, abuse of power, and financial exploitation, we will offer external resources for support to those involved.

  • While we continually strive to act in accordance with these ethical commitments, we acknowledge our own humanness. When we have lapses in judgment or create harm, we seek to make things right through humble listening, owning our contribution to wrongs, asking for council, and being receptive to correction and redress of grievances.  


If you would like to contact Nowak Society leadership about an ethical concern, or share your thoughts on this Statement of Values please contact All communications will be received confidentially and addressed by The Nowak Society Board of Directors, with support of an external consultant as needed.

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