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Past Events & Recordings

3/16/23    Lineage, Elders, and Community Based Healing Through an Indigenous Lens, with Kuthoomi Castro, Boulder

3/2/23      Ibogaine and Addictions Treatment, with Lucia Terpak and Kevin Franciotti, Denver

12/15/22  Keeping the "Magic" of Mushrooms Alive in the Post-Prop 122 Era, with Dori Lewis, LPC and Travis Tyler Fluck

11/3/22    Reconciling Clinical and Spiritual Perspectives in the Future of Psychedelics, with Dylan Rivard, LPC, Denver

8/4/22       Psychedelics, Psychosis, and Risk Reduction (podcast episode), with Dr. Craig Heacock, originally in Denver

7/19/22     "A Tale of Two Initiatives," with Peter Criscione, Boulder

6/2/22       BIPOC Panel on Plant Medicines and the Psychedelic Movement, Denver

5/12/22     Colorado Ballot Initiatives Panel Discussion: Decriminalization and the Natural Medicines Health Act, Denver

4/7/22        Entheogenic Crossroads: Promises, Pitfalls, and Possibilities, with Nicole Lilly, MA

2/3/22        An Introduction to Self Psychedelic Integration, with Sabrina Santa Clara, Denver (slides here)

12/2/21      The Future of Psychedelics in Society, with Reilly Capps, Denver (slides here)

11/4/21      Ketamine-assisted therapy panel, with Dr. Sara Markey, Dr. Shoshana Aal, Dr. German Ascani, and Bri Bendixsen

9/2/21         "A Case Against Medicalization," with Dr. Shannon Hughes, Denver. Slides available here.

8/12/21       CSU-Nowak Research Team: Preliminary Findings from the Community Psilocybin Practitioner Interview Study

6/1/21         Psychedelics and the Sacred Feminine, with Dylan Rivard, LPC, Denver

10/11/20     "Psychedelic Group Work: The Future of Psychedelic Therapy?," with Dr. Naveen Thomas and panel, Denver

9/20/20       "Overcoming Internalized Racial Oppression with LSD," with Dr. Ian Wickramasekera, Denver

8/9/20          Global Perspectives on the Psychedelic Renaissance, panel discussion in Denver

6/4/20          "Psychedelics by Prescription?: Access, Rights, & Advocacy," video [slides here] with Dr. Shannon Hughes

4/2/20        "Dismantling White Supremacy through Drug Policy Reform," with Karla Gonzales Garcia

2/6/20           "Ceremony, Myth, and Psychotherapy" with Cody Wiggs, Denver Psychedelic Professionals Meet

1/9/20           "Sacred Cacti from the Deserts and Jungles" with Max Montrose, Denver Psychedelic Professionals Meet

4/19/19       "The Future of Psychiatry & Virtual Reality" Bicycle Day Gathering at the Phil Lewis Studio & Gallery, Boulder

2/2/19           "What is Medicine? Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Psychedelics and Psychopharmaceuticals," Colorado                              Counseling Association Spring Conference, Denver

10/30/19         "What is Medicine: Navigating Psychopharmaceuticals and Psychedelics for Therapists and Professionals," Fall                           Community Speaker Series, Boulder, Link to live stream video recording 

9/20/19        "Bringing in the Future of Psychedelics," The State of Psychedelics, Denver 

8/20/19       "Transforming Care for End of Life: Psilocybin as Medicine" Free Community Information Session, Denver

6/19/19        "Transforming Care for End of Life: Psilocybin as Medicine" Free Community Information Session, Boulder

6/1/19          Michael Pollan talk and book signing, "How to Change your Mind"

3/15/19        Community Speaker Series: Psychosis & Ecology

11/1/18          CrazyWise viewing and discussion, Naropa University

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