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Our Board Members

Lilo Fishbein graduated in May 2017 from Naropa University with a Master’s in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and holds a B.A. of psychology from Rider University. Lilo is a spunky, free-spirited soul who wants to provide support and empower people who are on a path of growth and determination. Lilo loves neuroscience and is passionate about psycho-education and spreading knowledge. Lilo believes in the power of cultivating love and creating a safe, conscious community for all who want to be a part of it!

Lilo Fishbein, MA, RP
Chair of the Board

Our History

The Nowak Society is named after a friend who passed away in 2015, and honors his many contributions to local communities. Daryl Nowak was an avid live music fan, outdoor enthusiast, father, and husband. Daryl did a radio show under the name Nox Herrington that aired on pirate radio stations in the Boulder area for several years, and he has an honorary seat at the Boulder Theater. The Nowak Society’s values and mission aim to keep up Daryl’s spirit for transforming relationships within communities, empowering people with voice and free speech, grassroots education and organizing, and remaining critical of dominant forces and oppressive systems which impact us all. You may view the memorial, “A Celebration of Life” held for Daryl at the Boulder theater on May 30th, 2015.


From our work original work in festival harm reduction and in mental health systems, we observed that so many people have confused and disempowered relationships with drugs and medicines --- from antidepressants, stimulants and other drugs taken under the umbrella of psychiatry, to alcohol, marijuana, MDMA, LSD, and other drugs taken under the umbrella of recreation. We aim to re-frame how and why we use drugs and medicines of all kinds, and support people and communities in re-claiming what "medicine" is for them. How can we relate to any of these substances in ways that open us up to expand and empower our relationship with self, rather than in ways that shut us down or repress pieces of ourselves?

Rob received his BA in Contemplative Psychology in 2008, and an MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology in 2012 from Naropa University. At Naropa Rob helped co-organize a student group, the Naropa Alliance for Psychedelic Studies (NAPS), and while finishing doctoral course work at the California Institute of Integral Studies became a member of the Entheogenic Research, Integration and Education (ERIE) student group. Rob completed his dissertation in 2018, titled "Evenings with Molly: a Grounded Theory Discovery of Adult Recreational MDMA use," which investigates the use of MDMA in adult committed relationships.

Rob Colbert, MA, PhD
Secretary and Treasurer

Dr. Shannon Hughes teaches, writes, and conducts research about the medicalization of human distress and the role of psychotropic drugs in managing our mental and emotional lives. She is passionate about supporting grassroots movements that help us re-claim our individual power from external bodies and corporations that seek to have us living outside of ourselves for their own profit or benefit. It is time to re-claim the use of medicine and connect with our inner sources of intelligence. While simple, this is not always easy, and being in community with others is the most supportive path to change and transformation.  

Shannon Hughes, MSW, PhD
Stephen Thomas, MSW

Stephen Thomas is a passionate advocate for alternative mental health paradigms and regenerative living practices. He received his BA in English in 2005 and is a Master's in Social Work candidate at Colorado State University. Formerly from Atlanta, Georgia, Stephen helped found the first chapter of the Evolver Network, an international social movement fostering ideas for cultural transformation. In Tucson, Arizona, he worked in communications and development with nonprofits dedicated to environmental conservation. He is a writer, gardener, DJ, and purveyor of radical challenges to the status quo. A more beautiful, living world is possible, and Stephen's life mission is to plant the seeds that grow it.

Nathan Bloodsworth is a Boulder, CO native and owner of local networking marketing agency, Syndicate Studios.  Nathan comes to the Nowak Society with years of experience in marketing, sales, production, and community activism. He has a wide variety of community involvement including non-profit radio broadcasting management, studio production marketing, and sound engineering.  


Nathan Bloodsworth

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