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Documentary: "Who Owns Healing" © 2019

Our team has been collecting stories and interviews from people in our community, and the major question we've come to ask is, who owns healing? This important work is guided by our founding core values, and engaging a critical look at medicines, drugs, medical practices, experimental treatments, and the miracle of healing that humans experience. If you would like to know more, or to share your story, contact

Consciousness-raising education and peer support 


In collaboration with Colorado State University School of Social Work and the Wholeness Center, we have developed a unique curriculum for young adults aimed to shift conversation away from an exclusively medical understanding of mental and emotional distress. No diagnosing, no pill pushing, and no false myths of chemically imbalanced brains here. Our curriculum facilitates honest conversations about mind, self-hood, and the use of mind-altering drugs (prescribed or illicit), and encourages young adults to form support networks with peers and community. This project is funded by the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care.

Developed in 2018, the "Consciousness-raising Curriculum for Re-telling the Story of Ourselves" is FREELY available for download and personal use. You have advance permission to print, copy, share, link, and distribute as many copies as you like, as long as you include source attribution. 

Printed workbooks (78 pages) are available for order here for $23.99.



The interactive, self-guided format of this workbook is great for individual exploration or to facilitate groups. If you are part of an organization or school and would like our team to facilitate this curriculum with your group of adolescents or young adults, we offer this through two options: weekly curriculum sessions alternating with peer support over a period of months, or a two-day intensive. Contact us for more information on curriculum and/or peer support facilitation.

MDMA-assisted Therapy Scholarship Fund

Our scholarship fund provides full or partial financial assistance to Colorado veterans and persons from marginalized communities who are seeking MDMA-assisted therapy. Funds collected for this scholarship will be used under the in-process request for expanded access (aka, compassionate use), or if expanded access is not granted, then to support access in the eventual availability of MDMA via prescription. We hold a core value of anti-oppressive practices, and understand how power and privilege have shaped access to medicine and healing work. We aim to bring the potential of healing and transformation through psychedelic medicines to persons working through deep trauma, including veterans, persons of color, persons from indigenous communities, LGBTQ+, persons of non-binary gender, and others from traditionally marginalized communities. Your generous, tax-deductible donation will help off-set the $10-$15,000 cost for people in our community to access MDMA-assisted therapy. Your support matters! Make your one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation today and bring this work to those in our community who could benefit most! 

Medicine work under the Right to Try Act

Our network of advocates, doctors, therapists, and policy makers are presently exploring the use of Colorado's Right to Try Act to provide certain psychoactive medicines, like psilocybin, LSD, or MDMA, to people for end of life care or who are struggling with serious conditions, such as opiate addiction or withdrawal. We are currently hosting a series of free community information sessions with the aim of stimulating community dialogue around this work and building a network of allies to support its advancement. You can access slides from a recent info session here. Or read about our work in a Rooster Magazine article here.

Psychedelic Community-building


Building a strong, supportive Colorado community of psychedelic professionals, innovators, activists, explorers, and interested others is core to our non-profit mission. We hold formal and informal events and gatherings throughout the year (read about one of them here!) to share, learn, connect, and network with like-minded others. Perhaps you want to invite more celebration and fun into your life? Join us for a "night out with the Nowak Society" to dance and let loose, or come to a relaxed potluck gathering at a neighborhood park. Professionals, leaders, and activists might want to connect at one of our upcoming Psychedelic Professionals Meetup Groups in Denver, Boulder, or Fort Collins. Our Women in Psychedelics group provides space for women's voices to come through and to develop women's leadership in this area. Let's keep Colorado on the leading edge of psychedelic medicine and the future of psychiatry/mental health! Connecting in community is a powerful catalyst for individual and collective transformation. 

Community Education and Training

We continue to offer education, training, and support to professional and community groups seeking to gain skills in de-escalating potential crisis situations, basic attendance for "being with" persons in distress, basics of psychopharmacology, and other topics related to cultivating right relationship with substances. See this Rooster Magazine article about our training with Bus To Show drivers. In addition to formal half-day to multi-day trainings, we also organize informal educational and support groups in the community on topics such as intention setting and integration of medicine experiences, refining our relationships with substances, recovering from the disempowering aspects of conventional helping and healing systems, and research and practice related to medicine work. If you have an event or group that you'd like us to help facilitate, please contact us!

Other Ongoing Initiatives


Education and Community-building

  • Psychedelic Professionals Meetup gatherings across Northern Colorado

  • Women’s Leadership in Psychedelics

  • Special community events, social gatherings, and speakers’ series


Outreach and Messaging

  • Public service announcements on psychedelics

  • Public events hosting and collaboration

  • Consulting on curriculum development, reform initiatives, and public and professional messaging around psychedelics


Non-profit Training

  • Shifting paradigms and practices around peer support and medical systems’ responses to psychological distress 

  • Tailored trainings for community groups or professionals - Contact us!


Fiscal sponsorship 

  • Our charitable programming provides other non-profits or grassroots teams the opportunity to build or expand their programs

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